Singing Makedonsko Devojče at the Razzmatazz Christmas folk dance party, Dec. 12, 2015.

In 1976 I went to the Koprivshtitsa festival in Bulgaria.  I saw 2 groups that really made an impression on me. One was the group from Gabra which included Petur Iliev's father, mother and uncle.  I later stayed with the Iliev family in Bulgaria and have also had them come to our Razzmatazz Weekend in Mendocino.

The second group was from Divotino, near Pernik in Bulgaria. They were a dynamic young group of men dancers and a few years after that I visited one of the dancers Vasko Mitov.  After all these years I have been emailing Vasko and he has sent me videos of his group's current performance at Koprivshtitsa.  They look just like they did in 1976--only now they are in their 60's.  Vasko invited me to share this video with all of you.
You need to cut and past the link below into a Google search.  Vasko is the 3rd dancer from the leader in the line.  There is also a second group  from Divotino who performs on this video.  Enjoy!

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