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Folk Dance class updates below
Fire Data Base table below these class announcements 
No new fire data base updates Friday, Oct. 20

If there are no updates to the fire data base on any given day, I will note that on this website

*Entries highlighted in PURPLE are entries/information posted on Thursday, Oct. 19
*Entries in BLUE are entries/information posted on Wednesday, Oct. 18
Please continue to send me any updates.

BEGINNER CLASS: We have a temporary room at the Bennett Valley Senior Center until we can return to our regular room at Person Senior Wing. 
The Bennett Valley Senior Center is located at 704 Bennett Valley Rd. The parking lot is behind the center on Rutledge Ave. We enter the building from the parking lot. Check Google maps for the best way for you to get to Rutledge Ave. Note:  Bennett Valley Rd. is is a one way street.  We will meet in the California Room located by the welcome desk of the center.

INTERMEDIATE CLASS: Our class at Monroe Hall will meet on Tuesdays from 7pm - 9pm at Monroe Hall.

*Some people are not listed on the Fire Data Base because they were not in any of the evacuation areas or advisory evacuation areas so they are safe and we do not have to worry.  

Date Base updated Thursday, Oct. 19 at 7:15pm

Name Evacuated (mandated or voluntary) Lost home Waiting to return home Current living situation Not evacuated at this time; have called in to say they are OK
Aubin, Will & Vera X X

Staying with family

Ayala, Steve

Babin, Barbara & Jim Avera X (Will return 10/23)

Babcock, Juliette

Banchero, Barbara X (Has returned home)

Beall, Manjeet X (Will return 10/26)

Brown, Rebecca

Cadman, Deanne X

X Staying with friends

Chiotti, Paula

Cornelius, Bill

Cote, Gloria X (Has returned home)

Davis, Robert X (Has returned home)

Driedger, Patsy X (Has returned home)

Egbert, Jackie  X X

Staying with friends

Erickson, Eugene & Gretchen (Redwood Valley) X (Have returned home)

Hartman,Jennie & John Creager X (Have returned home)

Haynie, Kathleen

X (successfully evacuated horses)
Hidalgo, Laura, David, Sebastian & Aria X (Have returned home)

Hochrein, Heidi X (Has returned home)

Jaynes, Elyse

Kannegaard, Karen X (Has returned home)

Knight, Gay & Dean X


Are volunteering at evac ctr.
Loheyde, Bob X (Has returned home)

McGuire, Candace X X

Staying with friends

Montano, Jeannie X (Has returned home)

Nash, Victoria X (Has returned home)

Paredes, Carmen

Pengra, Charlie

Pierson, Linda & Ken 


Staying with family

Pooler, Kathy

X (volunteering at evacuation center)
Rafla-Yuan, Elham X

X Staying with family

Rather, Pat & Vince Taylor

Robotka, Karen & Bill X (Have returned home)

Rushall, DeAnn X

Staying with friends

Sanders, Gail

Schlessman, Nanette  X (Has returned home)

Smith, Carrie

Treat, Marguerite X (Has returned home)

Wager, Karen

Warne, Patty

Wendrow, Susan


Razzmatazz Folk Dance Club is a group of enthusiastic folk dancers from Sonoma County who meet weekly in Santa Rosa, led by long-time folk dance teacher Marilyn Smith. We welcome newcomers to join our group and encourage you to become another member of our folk dance family.  The Razzmatazz Folk Dance Club meets at beautiful Monroe Hall, 1400 W. College Ave., Santa Rosa.


15 week Beginning level class:  Tuesdays, 5:15pm - 6:15pm at Fitness/Dance Room 3, downstairs in the Person Senior Wing, Finley Community Center, 2060 W. Colleg Ave., Santa Rosa.  $45 for 15 weeks, Sept. 5 - Dec. 12.  First-time dancers welcome!  Register by mail now or at first class meeting.For more info, Email:

15 week Intermeidate level class:  Tuesdays, 7pm - 9pm at Monroe Hall, 1400 W. College Ave., Santa Rosa. $60 for 15 weeks, Sept. 5 - Dec. 12.  New dancers welcome!  Register by mail now or at first class meeting.  For more info, email:

Both the Beginning level and Intermediate level classes are taught by long-time folk dance teacher Marilyn Smith

Dancing at Monroe Hall


During the summer, the club meets for drop-in, all-request recreational folk dancing (no teaching). We welcome all level of dancers for our summer drop-in sessions.

Razzmatazz Folk Dance Club also puts on special events and parties during the year and an annual folk dance camp at Mendocino Woodlands.

Click on the tabs at the top of our home page to get specific information about classes, parties and the camp.