Photos by Marilyn Smith (unless otherwise noted)

Gradina and Druzhina
Marilyn in her red & black (photo by Ruthie Bitton)
Nestinarkso "embers"

Ken & Jana
Gradina performing

Photos by Eric Torgerson

Jim Avera and Jana Mariposa Muhar
Marilyn on Santa's lap
Opening dance - Pravo

Gradina and musicians

Razzmatazz Weekend, 2018

Dance hall decorated for the party - photo by Eric Torgerson
Entrance to the dance hall - photo by Eric Torgerson
True Life Trio with Joe, Denys, Paul - Photo by Eric Torgerson
Zurna mania - Photo by Eric Torgerson
Marilyn in her mask - Photo by Eric Torgerson
Robert & Jana - photo by Marilyn Smith
Gloria & Odin - photo by Eric Torgerson
Luiselle & Linda - photo by Kaela Fine

Linda & Eileen

May Day Celebration, 2018
Photo by Andy Toplarski
Tuesday class May Day celebration wearing "tulip heads" created by Karen Wagner.
We danced "Lalica", Bulgarian dance that translates as "little tulip".

Red & Black Ball, 2018
Photos by Eric Torgerson


Will and his magic shoes


Christmas Folk Dance Party, 2017

Photos by Eric Torgerson

Orkestr Sveti Rosa

Razzmatazz Weekend - 2017
40th Anniversary

Photos by Eric Torgerson

Photos from previous years

The dance hall
Snacks at the dance hall

Pre-Happy Hour at "the Party Cabin"

Dance Hall decorated for Saturday evening party

Red & Black Ball - 2017
Gradina (Photo by Bill Cornelius)
Gloria with daughter Haley and grandson Odin
(Photo by Bill Cornelius)
Druzhina playing at the dance. (Photo by Bill Cornelius)
Gradina sings Joc de Leagane to our newest folk dance family member,  Alder Henderson, Gloria's grandson.
(Photo by Bill Cornelius)

Santa Lucia Celebration - Dec. 13, 2016
Photos by Marilyn Smith

Singers from The Old World Carolers
singing Santa Lucia
Dasha Gossage-Poe

Christmas Folk Dance Party - Dec. 10, 2016
Photos by Eric Torgerson

Marilyn reading "The Night Before Christmas"

Santa with Marilyn

Singing Liljano Mome

Dancing to live music

Day of the Dead/All Saints' Day
Nov. 1, 2016
Honoring our beloved folk dancers who have passed away 
Photos by Victoria Nash

Celebrating Marilyn's 70th Birthday 
Photos by Marguerite Treat

Razzmatazz Weekend 2016  
Photos by Eric Torgerson

Group toga photo by Vince Taylor

Marilyn retires from teaching at Santa Rosa Jr. College
May 25, 2016

 Last Beginner class at SRJC

Gift given to Marilyn by last class at SRJC

Amazing posters created by Delora. 

Baba Marta Day Celebration - March 1, 2016
Photos by Andy Toplarski

Baba Marta cake donated by Steve Ayala

Karen Guggenheim & Tanya Kostova

Photos from workshop with Marty Koenig 1/26/16
Both photos taken by Eliot Khuner 

Christmas Folk Dance Party, 2015  
Photo by Eric Torgerson

Razzmatazz Weekend, 2015 
Photos by Marilyn Smith & Eric Torgerson

Friday night party

Steve Kotansky leads the line

Michael & Barbara, the bride and groom, in traditional Chinese wedding costumes

The Bride

Double Happiness Wedding Cake
Stefka and Evgenia sing a Bulgarian wedding song to the bride and groom. Bruce accompanies on the gajda

Bulgarian Kukeri entertain at Happy Hour

Photos below by Tabitha Doniach

The Woodlands

Joe Finn

Bulgarian Kukeri at Happy Hour

The Red & Black Ball, 2015 
Photos by Eric Torgerson


Red & Black Ball 2015 
Photos received from Rebecca Dwan

Razzmatazz Weekend at Mendocino 2014 
 Photos by Barb Cordes

The Red & Black Ball 2014  
Photos by Eric Torgerson


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